Creating a Schedule

To create a schedule, first, click on the “Schedule” tab under “Team Management” Then click on the plus icon that appears whenever hovering over an employees block.

Once the “+” icon is clicked, the user would have the ability to:

  1.  Set a  name for the shift by clicking on the” Shift Name Box”
  2.  Set the start and end time by using the dropdown menus at different times (numbers are able to be typed in as well)
  3. Add any standard break times for the shift at hand, if applicable, by clicking on the blue “Add Break” button.
  4.  Save the shift as a template that can be used to quickly create schedules of the same criteria in the future by clicking on the “Save as template” checkbox
  5. If there are already shift templates created, they would be able to be selected in the “Template” dropdown menu.
  6. If there is a specific job that would need to be worked during this shift, it would be able to be selected in the “Jobs” dropdown menu
  7. Adding a color to the shift can be useful in creating differentiation between the different shift in the schedule layout.
  8. To save time in creating a week or mores schedule, the ability to have a shift repeat fort as long as needed is provided when the “Repeat” icon is clicked.
Updated on July 29, 2019

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