Team Time Off

Here in the team time off section, a user would be able to view all past present and future time off requests by their employees, as well as add or subtract from the team’s accrual balance.

Waiting for Your Approval Section

The Waiting For Your Approval section will be the landing page when a user clicks on the “Team Time Off” section, and it will contain any time off requests that have been submitted for approval.  There will only be time off requests to approve here  if they are waiting for the same user’s approval that is accessing the system.

Team Bookings Section

In the Team Bookings section a user can:

  1. Spotlight search the time off requests submitted for approval by employee name
  2. Filter the employee’s requests by Department, Policy Requested, Supervisor of the employee who made the request, Work Location, Employment Type, or Employment Status (active, Terminated)
  3. Bulk Actions: in this dropdown a user would be able to delete requests in bulk, This setting will only affect employees that have a box checked next to their name.
  4. An administrator would also have the ability to book time off on an employee’s behalf by clicking on the blue “Add Time Off” button.

Team Balance Section

The Team Balance section gives the user the ability to at a glance see their entire team’s current time-off balances for all assigned policies. A user would also  have the ability to:

  1.  Spotlight search their employees for quicker results, as well as quickly adjust an employee’s current balance by clicking on the employee’s name.

Calendar Section

The Calendar Section gives a user the ability to view an entire months worth of requests so that they can at a glance see how their employees requests layout, which in turn can be an insight into which requests to approve, and which to reject.

Updated on July 29, 2019

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