Team Timesheet

Under the team timesheet’s section, a user would be able to view, edit and approve their employee’s timesheets.

Waiting for Your Approval Section

The Waiting For Your Approval section will be the landing page when a user clicks on the “Team Timesheets” section, and it will contain any timesheets that have been submitted for approval. There will only be timesheet’s to approve here if they are waiting for the same user’s approval that is accessing the system.

All Timesheets Section

In the All Timesheets section, a user will be able to:

  1. Date range the timesheet period desired and the system will display all relevant timesheets to that period.
  2. Spotlight search for a specific employee’s timesheet for quicker results.
  3. Filter the timesheets by Department, Work Location, Employment Type, or Employment Status (active, terminated)
  4. Bulk Actions: From this dropdown, the user would have the ability to approve, reopen, Force approve, or Force Reject a multitude of employee’s timesheets all at one time. These settings will only affect employees that have a box checked next to their name.
  5. View only approved timesheets by clicking on the “Approved” tab
  6. View only timesheets that have yet to be submitted for approval by clicking on the “Not Submitted” tab.
  7. View only timesheets that have been rejected by clicking on the “Rejected” tab
  8. View only timesheets that are waiting for a supervisor’s approval by clicking on the “Waiting for Approval” tab.
  9. The gear icon in the top right corner of the module will give the user the ability to adjust the different criteria displayed in the flat list of employees such as overtime hours, holiday premium pay, etc.
Updated on July 29, 2019

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